Lethal high voltage self-defense gloves


Pochari Technologies has developed a novel lethal self-defense weapon. This is not a “stun gun” or any other ineffectual “non-lethal” self-defense system which uses electricity. Rather, this is a viable alternative to heavy metallic firearms that shoot supersonic lead projectiles to inflict lethal damage upon dangerous individuals. This technology uses no kinetic energy to inflict damage, it uses the power of alternating current to instantaneously neutralize an attacker. This technology is a more elegant, efficient, and simpler way to neutralize dangerous individuals. The core of Pochari Technologie’s AC self-defense suit is the electric vest and electrode-forming gloves.
The weapon forms a mono-piece dielectric vest that is worn underneath normal clothing, the vest is attached to gloves to form an electrode. The basic working principle of the weapon is that the user employs his hands to grab the arms, neck, or legs of the attacker to cause instant paralysis through electrocution while protecting himself from the now-electrically charged victim by wearing dielectric clothing underneath innocuous-looking clothing. This weapon system can be thought of as strategically “feigning vulnerability” as opposed to technologies like open-carrying a conventional firearm, with the intention to lure an attacker as opposed to using strategic deterrence.

Each glove is fitted with small electrically conducting metal strips which carry 120 Hertz AC current at a voltage of 400 V, 120 Hertz is chosen because it is the most dangerous frequency for the human heart. The device provides enough current to pass through from a small lithium-ion battery pack into the gloves to cause instant fibrillation, neutralizing an attacker. One of the gloves is positively charged while the other glove is negatively charged, current will pass from the positive to negative conducting directly through the major blood vessel connecting the heart, blood is especially conducive due to the high sodium content in the body. The user can also have a separate electrode attached to his foot, a metallic assembly can be placed on the tip of the user’s shoes, allowing him to use one hand to grab the victim’s arm and his foot to create a circuit that will pass through the heart.
Alternating current is so lethal that as little as 100 milliamps over a period of 3 seconds is enough to cause death. At 400 volts, this corresponds to 40 watt-hours, over a period of 3 seconds, only 33 milliwatts of electrical energy is expended. A typical iPhone has a battery providing 10 watt-hours of energy, enough to run the device non-stop for 20 minutes, or enough to cause 300 lethal fibrillations. In comparison to a bullet, the energetic efficiency is far higher, in other words, the “battlefield lethality index” is far greater by mass and by energy, since rather than kinetic energy, the alternating current disrupts the heart’s optimal frequency.
If the attacker is wearing thick clothing, the voltage can be stepped up to 1000 or more, but a higher voltage poses a greater risk to the user since a stronger dielectric suit is needed. Since the attacker may have thick clothes on, such as a leather jacket, the glove-electrodes can be fitted with retractable spikes that puncture thick clothing and reach the skin underneath, allowing the current to freely pass through. These very small spikes can be activated using a mechanical spring mechanism with automatic activation using pressure sensors. When the pressure sensors reach their designated threshold of tension, the current is allowed to flow through after the spikes have been released. When the pressure is relieved, the pressure sensors respond and the spikes retract and the current flow stops preventing the user from accidentally electrocuting himself by touching his face. This is all within the realm of 21st-century technology, including sophisticated stress and strain gages used in testing applications that can detect subtle modulations in pressure. Only 200 volts are needed to penetrate human skin and provide a lethal current through the heart, so in most instances where the attacker is wearing ordinary cloth clothing or has exposed skin (wearing a T-shirt or shorts), the user will have no difficulty passing a deadly current into the victim. To illustrate the danger of alternating current, if a person touches a standard European 220-volt plug with both their hands forming a circuit crossing the heart, death is virtually guaranteed unless rapid defibrillation can be provided on the scene, this is because the electricity causes muscle paralysis, causing the victim to clutch on to the electrical source providing enough time for lethal fibrillation to occur. This is extremely important to accentuate, because if an attacker is weilding a knife or firearm, as soon as current enters his body, paralysis will instantly occur preventing him from further utilizing the weapon even if still alive.
The tactical advantage of this weapon is its inherent stealth, namely that the prospective attacker does not suspect the user to be wielding a conventional firearm or knife, this causes the attacker to become complacent and cocky, compelling the prospective attacker to approach the victim and place himself in a vulnerable position, which then allows the user, provided the user is trained and is strong enough, to grab at least two body parts, such as arm or leg, or ideally, both arms, and pass a current through the heart of the attacker, virtually instantly killing him. Even if the attacker has a gun, the user can feign non-resistance and allow the attacker to approach him by placing his hands in the air, as the attacker approaches carelessly, the user can then grab two body parts of the unsuspecting attacker to introduce a lethal current, causing him to be unable to fire the gun as paralysis is instantaneous. In the event of an unarmed attacker who poses merely a physical threat such as wrestling or punching the victim, once the user can mount enough resistance to grab onto the attacker’s body parts, ideally torso and arms, the user can introduce current and thwart the attacker. Immediately after currents enters the body, it causes paralysis, preventing the attacker from letting go and fighting back, after 1 second at 900 milliamps, the victim will experience heart failure unless a defibrillator is available and applied quickly.
The user of the electrical glove self-defense apparatus is protected from cross-current flowing from the electrocuted victim through his cover-all high strength dielectric vest which provides protection against thousands of volts, far more than would be used for this weapon. The user also wears dielectric soles to insure current cannot from the user touching his neck to his feet.
If the attacker has a firearm pointed at the user, the electrical current will not flow from the firearm to the user unless the dielectric suit is punctured. The dielectric suit can be constructed out of PTFE, polyester, and Nomex, with only 0.15mm needed for a breakdown strength of 7 kV.
This extremely powerful technology allows people living in dangerous parts of the world to live their lives safely without fear of assault or robbery. Every human being has an inalienable right to defend their life and safety, and if governments cannot guarantee this to their citizens, it is our responsibility to ensure our safety without needing to resort to risky firearms that are sometimes banned or difficult to access. You might be asking, “But you’re saying I need to wear some special suit and high voltage gloves, isn’t that impractical when I can carry a Glock? Sure, you can say this, but not everyone in the world has access to a Glock, and nor are they always the best option for self-defense for a very simple reason: firearms require preemptive action, surmising a person’s intent before they act, in other words, anticipating the action of an attacker which makes the legal case of self-defense more blurry. What if the guy is just crazy, does he really want to attack me, I don’t know if he has a deadly weapon? these are the kinds of questions that make so many police shootings controversial, but what if we had something that was only lethal once an attacker has committed his actions? This technology is designed so that the attacker first has to confront the victim, for example, try to rob or mug him, and then physically try to overpower him, by allowing himself to enter into a physical altercation, he is proving intent to harm, this allows a legal precedent for lethal self-defense to be incontrovertible as opposed to preemptive fire with conventional handguns of an approaching potential attacker. Clearly, under an ideal scenario, we should be able to use preemptive self-defense, but governments fear this as it would be destabilizing and “discriminating”. Aside from civilian self-defense which was the impetus for its invention, the technology would also have prospective customers from state actors, such as police, SWAT, special forces, or special assassination teams working for intelligence agencies who must carry out targeted and covert assassinations. Since the weapon system generates no noise whatsoever, it can be used where firearms are not suitable, for example, civilians cross-fire risks. The weapon also requires no metallic components if the battery is metal-free (oxides only, leaving no magnetic trace), so it can be potentially designed to evade metal detectors, allowing its use in special operations. The electrodes can be constructed out of high conductivity carbon materials as opposed to conventional metal conductors such as aluminum, steel or copper. There is a concern the technology would be attractive to bank robbers and other assorted criminals, but aren’t firearms too? Every weapon that has a good side to it, that is guaranteeing the safety of decent people, can also be used for sinister purposes, Pochari Technologies assumes no responsibility for sinister end-use scenarios. I anticipate, once commercialized and all the minor manufacturing details sorted out, which could take decades, that governments would try to ban it like anything they consider threatening to their tyranny. But the nice thing about this technology is that it is extremely easy to obfuscate, there are no tell-tale signs, such as gun powder, lead, brass, and of course metal firearm parts, which are more easily recognized and traceable.

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