The Leka crime family directed by Mossad in Israel has been involved for over twenty years in a conspiracy to extort large sums of wealth from my family. Enku Leka, employed by Silicon Valley bank is the main “agent” of this conspiracy, by acting as a sex slave to my grandfather. Headed by Niko and Edmond Leka, who reign over a legion of illicit business operations in Albania but reside in Vienna Austria carefully direct Enku Leka to extort as much wealth as possible. Enku Leka has been fucking my grandfather in exchange for financial assets. Enku Leka must be stopped immediately by Santa Clara County law enforcement and halt these crimes against our family. The County has been coerced by Mossad including criminal Judge Carol W Overton. Mossad is intent on preventing this large sum of wealth, over $20,000,000 USD, from passing down to my father and I. They will use every means necessary to physically prevent my father and I to access this sum of wealth by completely controlling my grandfather and threatening to publicly humiliate my grandfather by releasing pictures or videos of him fucking Enku Leka as a 24 year old living in his home when he was 70 years old after my grandmother died for mysterious reasons, very likely murdered. My grandfather’s role in this is largely innocent, he is simply a psychopath with mild fronto-temporal dementia with a high sex drive who fell victim to this conspiracy. He’s now 89, and appears to have mild dementia, as I witnessed him totally naked in front of me when I visited him. His IQ remains quite high so he easily fools people into thinking that this whore is his “niece” that he somehow is infatuated with. My father witnessed him looking terrified as he was on the phone speaking to Enku Leka. My Aunt Victoria says “Enku is fucking dad, she wants all the money” “Enku is taking all the real estate”. Victoria also said back in 2013 when I first met her that Enku is “abusive” and “bosses” my grandfather around. Victoria also said Enku had managed to gain enough influence over my grandfather to become “executor” of the will so she could control all the assets as per her Mossad handlers. My two Aunts Catherine and Victoria have been totally railroaded, drugged up and locked away as they interfere with Enku Leka stealing the money as Victoria is a vocal witness who has provided valuable evidence. Even more disgusting is that Enku Leka took my dead grandmother’s jewelry and silver. In summary, Enku Leka is fucking my senile grandfather to steal, control and prevent my father and I from accessing the family wealth that goes back three generations, this is a crime and must be stopped IMMEDIATELY. Our family has gone through untold grief, stress and anxiety as a result.

LEKA FAMILY: IMMEDIATELY RETURN ALL ASSETS STOLEN FROM THE POCHARI FAMILY. THE LEKA FAMILY HAS BEEN STEALING MONEY FROM MY SENILE GRANDFATHER FOR OVER 20 YEARS. THIS WILL AND MUST STOP IMMEDIATELY. Any further deflection of attention away from your crimes with fraudulent “restraining orders” will be met with intense retaliatory force consisting of incessant dissemination and publishing of reputation destroying information pertinent to the Leka family’s crimes against the Pochari family on the entire Internet including social medial, employers, Youtube, Twitter and a dedicated website titled “lekacrimefamily.com

Regards, Christophe Pochari

ENKU LEKA RESIDES AT 18717 Bucknall dr, Saratoga, CA. When Enku Leka fucks my 90 year old senile grandfather to extract financial assets, she goes to 12847 Jepsen ct, Saratoga, CA.

Her delightful bastard criminal son, Andy Leka, smoking a doobie paid for by my grandfather. This criminal Andy Leka vandalized multiple properties owned by my grandfather and threatened my grandfather including breaking nearly every lock in his house, pelting the garage door with rocks and breaking into one of my grandfather’s homes in Monterey, CA. Andy Leka also reportly punched a pregnant women and stole silver and gold to pay for his Marijuana. To please his sex slave mother, my grandfather buys him two homes totaling a million USD.

Felon Andy Leka lives in one of these two homes my grandfather purchased and remodeled for him at the request of Enku Leka.

The addresses are 3143 Lelia Pl Marina, CA and 3140 Lelia Pl Marina, CA

In case you hadn’t seen or had enough of this disgusting criminal whore sex slave Enku Leka who preys on and exploits 90 year old senile men yet remains employed by criminal Mossad linked Silicon Valley Bank NASDAQ: SIVB.

This 2017 Cessna 172 SKYHAWK was recently sold for $337,000 by Enku Leka. Enku Leka does not have the resources to buy this airplane and claims that her boyfriend, who I saw at the court that looks like a Romanian mobster, purchased them. But he also does not have the money to buy these planes, totaling two. Enku Leka’s name was on the Controller.com posting for the airplane, not the Romanian boyfriend. My grandfather provided financial assistance to purchase these aircraft. Enku Leka sold one to pay for legal fees recently.

Whore Enku Leka is going to have a doozy when she searches Google!!! She’ll get a promotion! Love from Christophe Pochari! Crime never pays!

The song just adds so much fun! Enjoy the new year Enku! Btw, You ever swallow my grampa’s semen after he fucks you? if so how does it taste? Do your colleagues at the bank know you fuck senile men for money? If so you should tell them. Financial planner you had in mind? HAHAHAHA.

Affordable Hydrazine production from conventional Raschig process

Pochari Technologies uses Thorium reactors to produce Hydrazine for under $500/ton.

Ultra-cheap hydrazine production from Olin Raschig process using Thorium reactors

German designed dual fluid molten lead reactor 0.6-0.75 ₵/kwh levelized generation cost

Capex: $1,200,000/mw

Lifetime: 50 years

Planned capacity: 41 mw

Hydrazine production: 1.9 tons per hour

Potential revenue: $81,000,000

Chlore-Alkali membrane electrolyzer: Plant capex: $105,000/tpd $19/ton NaOH/CI ($480 million for 1,680,000 tpy capacity, 15 year before major refurbishment)

Sodium hydroxide: 5.93 ton/ton N2H4: 2500 kwh/ton: $17 Salt (sodium chloride bi-product recycled)


Chlorine: 2.6 ton/ton N2H4: 2500 kwh/ton: $17

Total: $94

0.9 tons NH3 $100/ton: No cost as 240 kg of H2 are produced from electrolyzing sodium chloride

Total: $356/ton N2H4

N2H4 12.58% H2 by weight

Raschig plant cost very minimal: $49/ton N2H4: $12,000,000 for 7,000 tpy (35 year lifetime)

Total electricity consumed: 21,500 kwh/ton N2H4

Salt continuously recycled, sodium hydroxide and chlorine consumed, sodium chloride produced as bi-product of Raschig process then re electrolyzed into sodium hydroxide, closed-loop system!

Net H2 cost: $3.12/kg. PEMFC 2.6x more efficient than SI engine, cost per gallon gasoline equevalent is $1.20/gal!

Current market price for hydrazine in China: $5200/ton

Piezoelectric Fired Active Cooled 1500 RPM Submachine

Pochari Technologies has developed a new type of modular submachine gun. The weapon uses a new in-house developed round with a varying length cartridge casing and varying mass bullet depending on whether long-range or sort range operation is desired. The rounds are of the same diameter as to allow the weapon to be fully modular. Full auto fire rates in excess of 1500 rounds per minute are achievable thanks to the piezoelectric firing system. Piezoelectric crystals based on the reverse piezo effect provide high actuation force at very high velocities and are extensively used in the most demanding applications such as high pressure diesel injectors to provide up to five sprays per combustion cycle. The power density of the actuator is very high and adds little to no additional weight over a gas fired system but provides a significant reduction in mechanical complexity and chance of failure. Liquid cooling allows the user to operate the weapon at 1500 rpm for extended periods of time without worrying about barrel warpage due to excessive temperature buildup. The piezoelectric firing systems provides a variable rate of fire, depending on the pressure on the trigger, the rate of fire varies from 100-1500 rpm. A backpack fuel cell power supply provides the electrical current to the piezoelectric crystals and provides pumping power and recycling and active cooling for the glycol cooling system. The magazine is styled after the FN P90 to maximum capacity but with the absence of a 90-degree turn system, allowing for faster fire rates and less mechanical complexity. The weapon can convert from compact submachine gun to long-range rifle and back with simple removal of the barrel module. The weapon is constructed primarily of carbon fiber with the exception of the barrel and firing system. Pochari Technologies’s founder Christophe Pochari plans on manufacturing a prototype of this weapon as soon as funds allow. A 3D CAD model has been developed. The weapon is ideal for high-intensity to low-intensity urban combat in the digitalized battlefield where fuel cell backpack power is critical for mission success. This weapon is also ideal for special forces and law enforcement. The fuel cell is a high-temperature proton exchange membrane using a micro reformer to crack synthetic diesel fuel into hydrogen. Pochari Technologies plans on developing boron based propellants based on nitro substituted borazene, borazine, iminoborane and azaboridine. These boron based explosives display much higher detonation velocity, CJ pressure and cylinder expansion energy than comparable all carbon based materials at corresponding densities.