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Pochari Technologies designs and develops state of the art ammonia energy systems for distributed production and its attendant hydrogen technology. Our primary technologies are COTS (commercial-off the shelf), kit assembled alkaline electrolyzers designed for distributed ammonia production, our second primary technology is what we call “distributed process intensified ammonia production technology”, utilizing advanced bi-metallic catalysts, and our third primary technology is microchannel ammonia cracking/reforming using high activity catalysts based on nickel oxide. Pochari Technologies also actively markets “Closed Cycle Hydrogen Engine Technology”, a powerplant using pure hydrogen and oxygen while recirculating helium or argon as a working fluid, eliminating NOx emissions. Pochari Technologies uses trusted suppliers from China to procure raw materials, fabrication, and manufacturing of these systems, our focus is on design and invention. We also provide 3D CAD design and visualization/rendering services.

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Pochari Technologies
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